Insect and Rodent Control

Listed below are some of the services we provide -


When treating for ants; identifying the type of ant, finding the location of the colony and eliminating the queen are key.  Some species of ants have a single queen in the colony, other species have multiple queens in the colony.  After the queen, or queens, have been eliminated the rest of the colony will also disappear. We listen to the client to understand the history and extent of the ant problem they are experiencing.  Noticing where ants are typically seen and observing any possible water or moisture sources can be helpful in locating the ant colony.  Our ant treatment includes using our training and experience to strategically place baits, residual sprays and insecticide dust, to effectively eliminate the queen.  Our treatments continue to work for 3 to 6 months after they have been applied.

Odorous house ants found trailing up the side of a foundation wall while treating this home for ants.

Odorous house ants accepting bait.


The most common cockroach we encounter in living spaces around the Chicago area is the German cockroach.  These pests are pale to medium brown in color and the adults are typically ½” to 5/8” long.  German cockroaches are usually found in the kitchen and bathroom areas of the home.  However, if there is a heavy infestation they may also be found in other living areas as well.  If conditions are ideal for the cockroach (heat, moisture, and food are available), German cockroaches are capable of quickly multiplying to create an infestation.  To prevent this from occurring, it is important to implement treatment as soon as this pest is observed in your home or office.

Our service for German cockroaches includes a thorough inspection to locate possible hiding areas.  Depending on the circumstances encountered, we carefully and strategically apply a combination of baits, residual sprays and insecticide dust to eliminate this pest.  We can also add additional products in our spray treatment that prevents the young cockroaches from becoming adults capable of reproducing.  This helps to break the life cycle of the cockroach and consequently stops them from being a pest in your home!  Our treatments have a residual effect that last 3 to 6 months after the materials have been applied.  This allows for continuous elimination of the pest long after we leave.

Best Pest Control, Inc. cockroach treatment includes the use of multiple materials to eliminate this pest.

These German cockroaches were found on top of a closet door.

This home had a very heavy population of German cockroaches. These roaches were located under the kitchen sink.


The life-cycle of a fly goes through a complete metamorphosis: egg, larva, pupa, and adult.  When dealing with flies, the first thing that must be done is to identify the type of fly that is causing the problem.  After the fly has been identified, that information can be used to help locate the breeding site which will contain the eggs, larva and pupa.  Finding the breeding site often times requires a detailed inspection as the adult flies are usually located in a different area from where they are breeding.  Once the breeding site has been located and removed the adult fly population will also diminish.  If you are having problems with flies in your home, or business, give us a call today so we can eliminate this problem for you!


Fall and winter tend to be the season for mice to enter homes in the Chicago area.  As the temperatures become cooler, mice are looking for a warm place to settle in for the winter. Our mice service includes a complete inspection of your home to locate points of entry and implement methods to prevent the mice from entering the structure.  To eliminate any mice which have already entered the home, we use a combination of trapping and baiting techniques.  Our top priority is always the safety of any children and pets that may be in the home.  When required we use tamper resistant bait stations.  Traps are only placed in areas that are inaccessible to children and pets.  We do not use loose baits (such as pellets) that can be re-located by mice into areas that your child or pet may have access.  If you are having problems with mice in your home or office, give us a call today so we can eliminate this problem for you.

Best Pest Control, Inc. rodent treatment service includes eliminating the current infestation and prevent mice from re-entering the structure.

A mouse in this home chewed through the foil seal as it tried to get into a nice bottle of wine!

Dead mice in electrical box

Strange things happen – A customer requested an inspection because they noticed a strong odor resembling a dead animal in their bathroom. During the inspection the odor seemed strongest near the electrical outlet on the wall. After removing the outlet cover, two dead mice were observed in the electrical box and removed for the customer.


Rats aren’t only a problem for people living in the city of Chicago, but also in the suburbs, too. They can be a particular nuisance around dumpsters for commercial customers.  When treating for rats it’s important to have a thorough inspection in order to identify the location of their burrows.  After this identification has been made, the proper materials and equipment will be used to eliminate their population.

This rat burrow was found during an inspection near a commercial dumpster.


Spiders can be a problem in many homes and offices.  They typically come in the structure through any small crack or opening.  Once they have entered, they will feed on any other insects that can be found.  Our treatment includes applying the proper materials in the best locations that will eliminate their food source and therefore reduce the spider population.  Removing any spider webs and sealing cracks and openings on the outside walls of the structure are also helpful in controlling spider populations.  Call us today if you need help controlling spiders in your home or office.

Carpenter Bees

Are you noticing a number of very large bees around your deck or children’s swingset?  Have you also noticed holes about 3/8″ diameter appearing on the bottom surfaces of your deck or swingset? Chances are you have some carpenter bees that made part of your home into their home!  Carpenter bees are very large (about 1″ long) and black and yellow in color.  Although, the males do not have stingers, they can be very intimidating as they dive bomb around you while you are sitting on your deck.  They are also capable of causing significant damage to wooden items as they drill holes for creating nesting cavities for laying their eggs.  If you are having problems with carpenter bees, give us a call to set up an appointment to remove this pest from your home.

Carpenter bee flying around a swingset.

Carpenter bee

Carpenter bee after emerging from a treated nesting cavity.

Honey Bees

If a honey bee colony is located inside a structure, or if a swarm of honey bees are found outside a structure, it is important the bees are NOT treated with an insecticide.  Honey bees are beneficial pollinators that should be preserved whenever possible.  Also, if a honey bee colony is treated with an insecticide, the remaining honey comb will often times cause additional problems for the homeowner, if it is not removed from the structure.

Best Pest Control, Inc. works with local bee keepers who are able to help in the process of removing and relocating honey bee colonies, or swarms, when this service is needed.  If you are having problems with honey bees, please give us a call BEFORE attemping any self treatment, and we would be glad to review removal options with you.

Honey bees nest

This picture shows a portion of a honey bees nest that is visible after removing a fascia board from the soffit of a house. The bees and comb were removed from the house and brought to a local bee keeper so they can continue to be productive.

Bees nest removed from soffit of house.

This picture shows a portion of the bees nest located in the soffit of a house.

Hornets, Yellow Jackets & Wasps

In the Midwest hornets, yellow jackets & wasps work on building their nest from the spring of the year through the fall.  Requests for control typically peak around mid to late summer as the nests have grown larger in size and the activity becomes more noticeable, especially if the nest is located near an entryway to the home.

Bald Faced Hornets

The name of the bald-faced hornet is deceiving, as they are actually part of the yellow jacket family. They build paper nests that can quickly grow to the size of a volleyball, or sometimes larger.  The nests are typically located under the eave or overhang on buildings, or in the branches of trees (either high or low to the ground).  If provoked, bald-faced hornets can become very agitated and cause severe pain to people and pets that are stung by them.  They do not loose their stinger after their attack. Therefore, they are capable of repeatedly stinging their pray.  Our service includes complete removal of the nest to eliminate this pest problem.

Best Pest Control, Inc. wasp and hornet nest removal service.

Bald-faced hornets nest built on front of house.

Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets typically build their nests in the ground or inside the cavities in a building.  Requests for treatment often occur near the end of summer when people notice a lot of yellow jacket activity near an entryway to their home, or when the insects begin to enter their home through small openings in the walls or ceiling.  This can quickly become a concern if there are small children or someone that is allergic to stinging insect in the home.  Blocking their entry on the outside of the building prior to treatment is not recommended!  This only makes treatment more difficult and has the potential to force more yellow jackets inside the home.  It can sometimes be difficult to determine the size of the nest until it is treated.  Some nests can be very large with up to 4,000 workers at its peak.  If you have problems with yellow jackets, please give us a call and we would be glad to review treatment options.

Yellow jacket nest removed from backyard shed.

Most of the calls we receive for yellow jackets are for nests in wall cavities or nests in the ground, so we don’t actually get to see the full nest. This yellow jacket nest was removed from the shed in a customers backyard, which allowed us full access to the entire nest.

Paper Wasps

Common paper wasps make a single-layered paper comb that is exposed, not enclosed in an envelope like the bald-faced hornet nest.  Paper wasp nests can be located in almost any place that provides a protective, undisturbed shelter for these insects.  Paper wasps can become just as aggressive as yellow jackets, but the number of individuals per colony is much smaller.  Our service includes complete removal of the nest to eliminate this pest problem.